SugarKick are Ria Woods and Steven Slator, who together have written, recorded and produced some infectious pop songs for everyone to enjoy


5-track EP "five after sixteen" (released 2016)

5 after 16 album front

Album track listing

  1. Stay Lucky

  2. Remeber the days

  3. Thinking about you (Acoustic mix)

  4. Home for Christmas (Original 2011 mix)

  5. Home for Christmas (2016 remix)




Five After Sixteen

The 5 track Ep "five after sixteen" was written and part recorded late 2011 and completed in October 2016.

All vocals were performed by Ria Woods.
All instruments were performed by Steven Slator.

Included are a couple of brand new tracks plus a new acoustic version of "Thinking About You"
The previously unreleased Christmas track has now been released plus a 2016 brand-new mix of the song. Special thanks goes out to all those who supported SugarKick over the past 5 years and motivated the completion of these songs.

Abum "some might say" (released 2011)

album front album disc album reverse

Album track listing

  1. A little help 3:34

  2. Being me 2:46

  3. Walking away 3:22

  4. Some might say 3:29

  5. Your fool 3:22

  6. Material 2:52

  7. Without you 4:01

  8. All i wanted (acoustic) 3:02

  9. Meant to be 3:19

  10. Odd sox 3:29

  11. What you call love 3:14

  12. Don't go 3:00

  13. Thinking about you 3:28

  14. Keep your distance (feat. Rich Knight) 3:20

  15. Stop the clock 3:01

  16. All i wanted (dance) 4:07

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Some might say

The 16 track album "Some might Say" was written and recorded between June - December 2011.

All tracks were written by Ria Woods & Steven Slator
All vocals were performed by Ria Woods with a guest appearance of Rich Knight on "keep your distance".
All instruments were performed by Steven Slator.

The online tracks have been processed for general listening on computer systems, whereas the CD album has been completely remastered.

Special thanks goes out to all those who supported SugarKick and encouraged the creation of this album.


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