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Other than school-based tuition, the only option for private-lessons at this time is with our online-lessons.

Your music tuition

The tuition we offer is one-to-one and personal. Where books or youtube videos can aid they do not take into account the ablities or how the learner interprets the information. Its is a one way flow. A personal tutor will guide you and assist where needed by offerign alternative approaches and can break-down where needed. Similarly, no time is wasted where the learner is already accomplished in a particular area.

Our tuition has been delivered professionally since since 2003 by someone who is a full-time tutor and performing musician. Consequently they know exactly what it takes to get your musician-skills to a level where you too can be a full-time musician!

Beginners and those new to learning are a catered for a practical and relevant approach. You will be playing a song on your first lesson!! Techniques are usually developed faster by using music and styles favoured by the student and help make an important connection between learner and teacher.
Although theory is covered it is there support rather than lead. After all, what use is theory without being able to apply it? Likewise, learning all those scales are of no use if you can not apply them.

We love to accommodate for complete beginners and those who can not or do not wish to read music. The skills learnt can contribute towards musical qualifications or any future involvement with music.

Instrumental tuition is available for:

What you can expect:

Bands/groups advisory service and workshops

Additional tuition which can be incorporated with the learning which requires some previous musical knowledge include: